Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

18 Apr

Pregnancy is the duration which brings swings in mood in the couples. The father experience the feeling of fatherhood as well has some anxiety of new responsibilities. Sex is the activity that is mostly enjoyed by the couples and this is one of the important concerns for them as they think is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Most of the couples worry that sex during pregnancy will harm the baby or it will cause pain, discomfort or even miscarriage. Women experience many physical changes during pregnancy as some feel very feminine and some willing to have sex.

The answer of the question is yes- It is safe to have sex during pregnancy and one must prefer oral sex if you have healthy and normal pregnancy as long as you feel comfortable and enjoy it. Although some changes or adjustment should be made when you are ready for intercourse. The man should understand that the women is delicate now, her whole body is changing and has belly is more protruding. The woman in first trimester of pregnancy can have normal sex. Some experts suggest different sex positions for couples. Pregnant women are advised to lie down on their back as the risk is associated with destroying an important vein that feeds the baby but it won’t be crushed by having sex.

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