Nontoxic Pregnancy Tips

18 Apr

This is important to reduce toxic chemicals exposure during your pregnancy that is helpful for you and your baby. It’s easy to reduce toxic chemicals when you reduce stretch marks, morning sickness, acne, aches and lots more. Here are some nontoxic pregnancy tips for you-

Morning Sickness Solution- There are some remedies like fresh ginger, chamomile tea and fresh lemons that will be helpful for you. Before adding the lemon in water, peel it if they are not organic. Take running water ever your wrist and it will be good to take to take prenatal vitamin before bed. Iron can be fruitful if you take it in the morning.

Belly Cream for Stretch marks- These kinds of creams are in market for pregnant women to keep their skin soft and free from stretch marks. Natural products can also be used like- almond oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil. Shea butter, grape seed oil and cocoa butter will also work.

Pregnancy Pillows- You should avoid full body or back pregnancy pillows that contain polyurethane foam. Always check out with the manufacturer before you purchase it.

Prenatal yoga can be helpful for you that reduce pains, aches, preterm labor and hypertension.

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